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Air travel services

Today, renting a helicopter is an option that you should consider every time you travel, whether for business or for tourism, entertainment. MOLDAEROSERVICE provides flight services with MI-2 (5 seats) helicopter for service and leisure flights in the territory of the Republic of Moldova.

The advantages of renting a helicopter result from the fact that 5-6 hours of driving can be transformed into a maximum of 1.5 hours of flight, you can also manage your flight plan according to your needs.

The helicopter is an optimal choice, which saves time and money while still offering high quality services. The helicopter, as a means of transport, offers unique advantages because it combines safety, comfort, and efficiency. Passengers have the possibility to be landed in areas not accessible to other types of transport (eg land).

We also offer helicopter rental services as aerotaxis, flights for filming and aerial photography, teambuilding, viewing from the point of view of tourist lands and landscapes, access to isolated locations.