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Meeting with the Ministry of Defense

27 Jul 2019

On 24.07.2019,in colaboration with the team from the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff of the National Army, took place a meeting with representatives of the Public Association “Global Aviation Forum” and the SE. “Moldaeroservice”,tghat discussed the strategic importance of aviation in the Republic of Moldova, the current situation in this chapter and the modalities of development of the respective field, aspects included in the list of GAF priorities.

Was discussed the need to launch a program, which provides for the use of state aircraft for the provision of air transport services in the interest of the public authorities of the Republic of Moldova, in order to carry out their specific missions, with a high degree of operability and reaction,by the use of state aircrafts.

Respectively, this program will serve as a long-term solution at national level and will contribute to the concentration of the budgetary effort, the optimization of the expenses and the standardization of the air operations for all the state institutions, which require the use of air platforms. Also, the ONG intends , together with the Ministry of Defense, to train aeronautical staff – engineers, technicians and pilots.

The Ministry of Defense welcomes the initiatives of the Association “Global Aviation Forum” and will support the implementation of the projects promoted by GAF and SE . “Moldaeroservice”