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President Igor Dodon visited Balti-Leadoveni Airport

29 Feb 2020

The President of the Republic of Moldova, Igor Dodon, visited the Balti-Leadoveni airport. He says the air port has the potential to become a low cost hub, as an alternative to Chisnau International Airport.

“The first destination on the agenda is the airport in the city of Balti (Balti-Leadoveni). Together with Viorel Catana, the director of” Moldaeroservice “company, we discussed the plans to attract foreign investors for the complete modernization of this air port, with the prospect of opening a hub. low cost as an alternative to Chisinau Airport, “wrote Igor Dodon.

He says it would be possible to open an aviation school, considering the lack of qualified staff in this area. Thus, there will be trained pilots of aircraft, helicopters, technical personnel and ground services.