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E “Moldaeroservice” signed the memorandum of collaboration with the Romanian Aeronautical Association / European Aviation Institute in the field of aeronautical personnel training and training

16 Jan 2020

A Memorandum of Collaboration was signed today in Chisinau, whose main objectives are to increase the safety and security of civil aviation by aligning both European and international standards, establishing and maintaining a high level of civil aviation security, promoting the quality of services and sustainability in the field. civil aviation as well as ensuring the optimal framework for the safe conduct of activities by training aeronautical personnel.

The parties also agreed to carry out joint activities to organize training for experts, seafarers, air traffic controllers, engineers, technicians and airport operators. The trainings will be carried out both by the delegation of the Romanian experts in the Republic of Moldova and by the reception of the experts from the Republic of Moldova in Romania for study and training missions.