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General presentation

The state enterprise “Moldaeroservice”, an airline founded on 26.08.1966 as a state-owned enterprise “Balti Aviation Detachment” and renamed as a state-owned enterprise “Moldaeroservice”, since 1996.

The state-owned enterprise “Moldaeroservice” is one of the most experienced air service providers with

helicopters type MI – 2, not only in the territory of the Republic of Moldova, but also beyond its borders (Egypt, Algir, Iraq, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Singapore, South Korea).

In accordance with the Air Operator Authorization № 001, issued by the Civil Aeronautical Authority of the Republic of Moldova, the company carries out the following operations:

Ambulance flights, Observation flights, Search and rescue flights, Advertising and recreational flights, Agricultural and forestry flights.

The high qualification of the navigating personnel of the S.S. “Moldaeroservice” emerges from the vast experience in providing aviation services, including aero-chemical works in the agricultural and forestry sector, which are among the most complex in the list of aviation services.

The average flight time of the navigating personnel is estimated between 6 000 – 10 000 hours, total flight.

The aircraft technical maintenance system is certified, according to the European requirements JAR-145 and holds the Certificate of Authorization no. CAA RM 0025.

The highly qualified technical-engineering personnel of the S.S. “Moldaeroservice”, with experience between 25-40 years, ensures the quality of the aviation services provided at European level.

The quality system of the company provides high performance indicators, flight safety, due to which it was possible to successfully execute large contracts for the provision of aviation services:

During the years 1998 – 2001 – in Egypt, 2005 – in Algeria, 2006 – in Iraq, as well as the execution of contracts in Romania between 1992-2007, Turkey in 2006-2010, Singapore in 2005-2007 and technical helicopter support Mi -2 in South Korea, from 2011-2013.

During 2013-2014, the group “Moldaeroservice” made a major professional and financial effort, in order to relaunch the air ambulance service, stopped in 1993. The infrastructure and helicopter training system for the “Aviasan” air ambulance project was created. Thus, between August 2014 – December 2015, he performed ambulance operations on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, participating in 47 interventions, contributing decisively in 33 cases, which required an emergency intervention, but from 01.01.2016 the air ambulance services have were taken over by SMURD Romania.

We propose that in the period 2019-2021 we will continue to consolidate the results obtained so far, to analyze, looking for the optimal way of maintaining the activity and the continuous development of the SI. “Moldaeroservice”, asserting ourselves as a dynamic company, which follows the changes made on the labor market and in society, primarily concerned with increasing the professional quality of the current staff, as well as attracting and training the young generation of specialists.