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Tel/Fax: (231) 4-38-19

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About airport

In accordance with activity plan report dated 1 March 2013, established in the framework of an inspection carried out by the Moldovan Civil Aviation Authority, the following services at BZY were verified: Passenger and Baggage — General, Ticketing and airport services, Departing passengers processing, Arriving passengers processing, Baggage.

Pursuant to a short notice published on the site of the Moldovan Ministry of Transports and Infrastructure of Roads, BZY is located on the territory of the Riscani region with a surface of 144,5567 ha and includes an aerodrome, a passenger terminal, a baggage handling facility, buildings and constructions ensuring technological process (a metallic hangar, a diesel electric generator for autonomous reserve energy, a square in front of the passenger terminal, parking lots for special purposes ground vehicles and others) as well as a land surface which may be used for infrastructure development of BZY.

According to the decision No 32 of the Court of Auditors of Moldova dated 25 May 2007, the Balti International Airport was confirmed as corresponding to the ICAO requirements, although irregularly managed with inefficient accounting by the direction of Moldaeroservice

On 30 August 2007, pursuant to the Decision No 987, the Government of Moldova decided to identify and realise measures for economic efficiency of the Balti International Airport (and Cahul airport) in the Republic of Moldova until 2012, to encourage and stimulate investments including the private ones in these airports.

On 29 October 2010, the Government of the Republic of Moldova adopted the decision No 983 pursuant to which it obliged the Free Economic Zone of Balti to build real estate assets on the territory of the Balti International Airport in exchange of the real estate assets transferred to the Free Economic Zone of Balti from the former Balti City Airport.No construction works on the territory of the Balti International Airport started as of today, although the Free Economic Zone of Balti already built real estate assets for business purposes on the received land plots of the Balti City Airport.